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About us

The Spouse Career Centre (SCC) was founded in 2001. As the first company in Switzerland offering spousal support, it has been providing career-related counseling and social integration support to accompanying spouses ever since.

Spouse Career Support Programs have proven to be instrumental at times when international companies hired people internationally or moved parts of their businesses from abroad to Switzerland. We proved in practice that with spousal support the success of becoming integrated was much better, be it socially or professionally, and we have accompanied thousands of candidates and possess vast experience in this specialty niche.

From the start of our business, we have maintained a low cost and flexible infrastructure; this allows us to provide top-level services at a competitive price.


Who we are

  • Experience since 2001
  • Male/female consultants with diverse nationalities, cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • International und local work and living experience
  • Professional experience / industry background in: Life Sciences, Financial Services, Industry, Consumer, ICT, NGO’s and Executive Search
  • Functional backgrounds in Marketing, Sales, Legal, Finance, Project- and Line Management, Academics, HR, Outplacement, Coaching and Assessment
  • University degrees in natural science, economics, law, psychology, engineering and others
  • Extensive knowledge of the job market and its various industries


New Management Team & Consultants

Our Team and I are very happy to announce, that we start into the new year 2016 with a new management team:

As the longterm business owner of SCC, I am looking forward to strategically refresh and strengthen the Spouse Career Center with our experienced professionals from our own ranks, and to built upon our great customer network and exchange together with Alexa Bosshard, Karin Smith-Dalmulder and Signe Reidla.

Alexa Bosshard, our longserving SCC team leader, will become my new business partner and in her new role as the COO of the Spouse Career Centre she is more involved in operational tasks and the management of our company. 
In addition, Karin Smith-Dalmulder, our longstanding Key Account Manager, has taken over the role of the  Business Manager/ Head of KAM for German speaking Switzerland.
Signe Reidla in her new role as a Director Business Development strengthens our team on the business development front.

We are very pleased to strengthen our management with these highly experienced professionals and are very confident that we will be able to meet the future demands of the market and offer a even more professional service to all our customers.

Jeanette Cerquone
Partner / Business Owner

Our Services

We tailor our services to specifically suit the needs of dual-career couples and guide them through the local job market expectations and cultural differences. We provide a personal hands-on approach to assist spouses in continuing their career in a new environment. We also pride ourselves on finding creative solutions for candidates with unconventional careers and in industries not locally in demand. The potential of such a challenging and exciting career transition, is highly dependent on a winning flexible attitude and the active mutual efforts of the candidate in their own search and placement. We offer our candidates individual support as needed, with research, consulting and networking, to leverage their portable skills for the local job market, as well as settle in to the new environment.


The Spouse Career Centre is a team of 20 people, male, female, with different educational background and professional experiences and with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We have a mixture between local and international consultants as we believe that the local network is as important as the experience made by living abroad as Swiss or being abroad in Switzerland. First company in Switzerland for spouse career support

  • We help to make big and small transfers and relocations a success.
  • Spouse Support ensures return on investment of international transfers and hires.
  • Big contribution to the company’s retention management for international and local hires/tranfers and expats.
  • We accompany and support the negotiation phase with potential new hires/transfers by providing them with an employability assessment.
  • Our team of specialists offers a spectrum of deep and broad experience in Human Resources, Executive Search, Coaching, Assessment and Inplacement.
  • Single point of contact for company in all matters covering new orientation of the spouse with flexible assignments and service scope.

Transition Support Evaluation (TSE)

An individual evaluation of the spouse’s needs and expectations.
Based on a structured telephone conversation to evaluate potential needs, concerns and expectations.
Can lead to support before, during and after move if needed.

Employability Assessement (EA)

Can be used in the hiring process as a base for the decision making process and contract signing, helps to understand career needs and expectations and to assess ability to work in Switzerland. Gives a first overview of the local employment market. Takes place at a very early stage of a potential relocation process (e.g. during pre-orientation trips, negotiation process).

Career Counseling - Starter Kit

To allow a smooth start for the associate’s spouse who wishes to continue his/her career in Switzerland, by providing tools, coaching and solutions to help to help themselves during 2 months

Full Career Counseling (CC)

Individual support as needed, with personalized guidance, research and career advice during 4 months (up to 40h), to leverage their portable skills for the local job market.

Settling In Support

To allow a smooth start for the associate’s spouse who does not wish to pursue a career but needs support to feel personally connected and networked at the highest and most dedicated levels possible.

Expatriate Cross-Cultural Training - Working and Living Successfully in a New Country!

Our expatriate cross-cultural training is an individually tailored training program targeted towards people in transition between two countries.


Swiss Employment Market, Document Adjustments, Interviewtraining

Our Clients

International companies who have committed themselves to take care of accompanying spouses of their international associates. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with numerous international corporations in all geographical areas in Switzerland. Our clients as well as the partner companies where our spouses have been employed benefit from an international talent pool of over 200 qualified candidates yearly. We are covering all industries, all functions, every hierarchical level, every size of company in whole Switzerland.

Private Clients: accompanying spouses who are not supported by the employer of their partners.



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